Employer Program Features

Every Employer Program includes the following features for FREE:

  • Ask a Pharmacist App – Employees can confidentially ask Pharmacists questions online or through the app
  • Free Drugs – Choose a plan and your employees will get the medication(s) within that plan at no cost for the duration of the plan*
  • Free Vitamins – Up to 1 year’s worth for each of your employees
  • Free Antibiotics – Up to a 14 day’s supply at a time of the most common antibiotics
  • Quarterly Wellness Calls – Our Pharmacists will call your patients every quarter to advise them on their health
  • NO COPAY – That’s right! Every drug selected by the Employer as part of a Customized Plan is available at no copay to the Employee.

Upon either termination or separation from your company, employees will be switched over to an Individual Plan, at no cost to you.

These features are exclusively for Employer Sponsored Programs

* The number of free drugs depends on the plan/bundle you choose